[clug] February 2016 - CLUG Meeting - Thursday 25th - Life with multiple browsers and linux.conf.au wrap up

Steven Hanley sjh at svana.org
Mon Feb 22 04:17:14 UTC 2016

Can someone please volunteer on the list to bring some plastic cups for drink
consumption with the pizzas. You will be reimbursed.

See below, 18:00 at Wig and Pen for BeerSig
19:00 at N101 for CLUG.

Canberra Linux Users Group Meeting - 25th February 2016

 Date:          24 September 2015 (Fourth Thursday of the month)


 Time:         18:00 - 18:55

 Abstract:     It's BeerSIG time!
               'What's BeerSIG?' I hear you ask! BeerSIG is a social
               gathering, and an opportunity to get together with
               like minded people and share a social pint
               or two before the meeting.

 Location:     Wig and Pen, Llewellyn Hall, Canberra School of Music
               Look for the table with a stuffed toy penguin


 Time:         19:00 - 21:00 (or when it finishes)

 Speaker:      Bryan Kilgallin

 Abstract:     Life with multiple browsers

               I use ELinks, Links 2, Dillo, and Firefox.

               Why use so many, what do they do?  

               My old hand-me-down PC is underpowered.  So where bookmarked
               sites do not place complex requirements, I use simpler
               browsers for speed.

               Possibly some discussion of where browser technology has
               gotten to and what tradeoffs you may wish to make using
               different browsers and why.

 Speaker:      Those who were at linux.conf.au 2016 in Geelong

 Abstract:     What was great, what went on and what shoudl be seen (on the
               videos) and some discussion of how much fun it was once again.
               Cool hardware, cool software, chips, linux, open stuff, etc.

 Venue:        Room N101
               Computer Science and Information Technology Building
               North Road
               The Australian National University

               See http://clug.org.au/ for more directions and a map

 Food/drink:   Pizza and soft drink/juice. Come hungry, and bring
               about $6 to cover the cost of your share if you
               want some.

	See You

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