[clug] [OT] Open Access Data: global submarine cable maps

Bob Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Mon Feb 1 02:15:05 UTC 2016

On 31/01/16 14:39, steve jenkin wrote:
> This is a marker of the progress of Open Source.
> The source data is expensive ($25,000/report) and the application quite arcane.
> [used by Telecomm Engineers organising International Routes]
> TeleGeography’s authoritative map of Submarine Cables, as implemented on their site, is available on github as a fully working webserver:
> <www.submarinecablemap.com>
> Included are good build instructions and pointers to the geo-data in Google Fusion tables as two overlays (cables & landing points), downloadable as KML or CSV.
> Github
> <https://github.com/telegeography/www.submarinecablemap.com>
> They have commits going back to Sept-2011, if anyone wants to rollback time.

Thanks Steve.

Looks cool. Not really Linux and requires use of Google APIs to run
(BBIWY), but cool.

I wonder if it can be made to work with OpenStreetMap for the map data?


Bob Edwards.

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