[clug] USB ADSL2+ modem?

Rodney Peters rodneyp at iinet.net.au
Thu Dec 22 21:31:14 UTC 2016

On 20/12/16 12:13, Bob Edwards wrote:
> A new thread...
> I realise that ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ has higher voltage requirements
> than can generally be met by USB/USB2/USB3, but not sure if that
> isn't a solvable problem that might already have been solved?
> I can't find anything on the interwebs that gives me much encouragement.
> Ideally, I would like to power my (bare/bridge) ADSL2+ modem from
> my laptop's power supply/battery and the obvious way to do that would
> be to use a USB-based modem.
> My (Linux) laptop would then do the rest and I can (trivially?) keep
> it patched etc. and keep a closer eye on what is really going back and
> forth on the ADSL connection...
> Anybody got any thoughts or recommendations?
> cheers,
> Bob Edwards.
Hi Bob,

I have used a TP Link 8817 ADSL2+ modem.  This is a physically compact 
job that requires 5V @ 1A.  Can't say I have powered it from USB, but 
would be feasible.

It has alternate USB/RJ45 outlets for LAN side.  The USB connection does 
work directly with Linux (cdc_ether module), when using external power 
supply.  You could try a USB Y cable to deliver the power or simply rig 
up a dedicated power cable - USB A male to the small DC socket it has.

Main limitation is the USB 1.1 interface of 12 Mb/s max.  If you have 
that actual bandwidth, then half your luck.

I have listed it under DSL Modems (none Ethernet) at:




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