[clug] A better ADSL modem

Luke Mewburn lukem-clug at mewburn.net
Tue Dec 20 01:00:49 UTC 2016

On Sun, Dec 18, 2016 at 03:11:16PM +1100, Mike Carden wrote:
  | On Sun, Dec 18, 2016 at 3:09 PM, Michael Still <mikal at stillhq.com> wrote:
  | > I have a spare netgear that was selected on the basis of being recommended
  | > on whirlpool for marginal DSL connections.
  | >
  | > Want to borrow it to play?
  | >
  | Yes please. That sounds like a worthwhile experiment.

Hi Mike,

I have a collection of ADSL modems and routers I used to use
when I used ADSL (I have VDSL2 since moving to Canberra):

1. Billion 7404VGO(M). Modem/router/Wifi/VOIP.
Was my workhorse for years. Purchased
because it was a recommended device by Internode at the time.
I was getting about 13Mb/2Mb syncs with it.

2. Draytek Vigor2710e/ne. Modem/router/Wifi.
Purchased due to (fanboi) recommendations on Whirlpool when I moved
house with a more marginal ADSL connection.
Did ok, but I couldn't get it to act just as an ADSL bridge
(where I terminate the PPPoE, firewall and NAT on a Linux box).
To be frank, the Draytek just seems like every other consumer
level networking kit, and I was a bit turned off by the oversell
from the fanbois not meeting the reality of my experience.

3. TP-Link TD-8840T. Just a modem.
Worked much better than the Draytek on my marginal ADSL connection.
Apparently the chipset in this model can be good for marginal ADSL,
depending upon the DSLAM model in the exchange.
No frills crap UI, as you'd expect from consumer grade box.
Worked fine as an ADSL bridge.

You're most welcome to borrow/have any/all to test.

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