[clug] A better ADSL modem

George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Sun Dec 18 05:33:48 UTC 2016


After Mike's testing, if you wanted to bring it over my way during the
Christmas to New Year break (I will be home most days), I have a good,
solid, ADLS2+ that is 3.5km from the exchange, the result bing ADSL1
is just about as fast as ADSL2+, just that ADSL does not have
dropouts, and ADSL2+ has frequent, short term dropouts. 

Any ADLS2+ modem has to survive multiple dropouts without affecting
the users (me and the family) due to the distance making signal
quality a challenge. We are currently using a Fritzbox, and while I
would not recommend it, in its defense if we don't look at the drop
outs in the logs, we would never know there was an issue, other than
the lower download speeds of between 7 to 8 mbps.

While fiber to the premise would be nice, even fiber to the node (less
than 100 meters) would provide better speeds than 3.5km of 1970's
standard telephone line twisted pair.  I would like to run
OwnClound/NextCloud [1] from a home server, but the 0.7 to 1.0 mbps
upload makes remotely accessing the server quite useless.

If you want to test your modem in another challenging environment, you
could bring it over during the break and we could certainly give it a
go for an hour or two or three, and check the logs. 

For extra internet data bandwidth testing I could always give
OpenStack Ansible installation another go (takes 2.5 hours), and we
talk about OpenStack while waiting.

George (02 6291 4007)

At Sunday, 18-12-2016 on 15:11 Mike Carden wrote:

On Sun, Dec 18, 2016 at 3:09 PM, Michael Still  wrote:

> I have a spare netgear that was selected on the basis of being
> on whirlpool for marginal DSL connections.
> Want to borrow it to play?

Yes please. That sounds like a worthwhile experiment.

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