[clug] Skolelinux

Bryan Kilgallin (PC) bryan at netspeed.com.au
Fri Dec 9 03:31:28 UTC 2016

Dear Bob:

> ACT and NSW public schools have been directed by their governing
> Departments/Directorates to go with Google Apps For Education (GAFE),
> which, in the opinion of some, likely violate privacy principles in
> the Cwth Privacy Act.

The ACT Education Department was conformist.

> The Dept/Directorates are very risk averse to adopting innovative
> technology, but not so risk averse to exposing the vulnerable in our
> society to the potential vagaries of privately-owned U.S.-based
> marketing companies.

Institutions wanted to deal with corporations.

> The best bet for Australian school take up of something like Skolelinux
> would be in the private school sector, unless an Education Minister
> could be persuaded of the potential pit-falls of giving our kids
> assessment artifacts and metadata away so readily.

Canberra Grammar refused an ACT Government programme. Instead using its 
own staff.


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