[clug] IPv6

Bryan Kilgallin (PC) bryan at netspeed.com.au
Tue Dec 6 13:30:23 UTC 2016

Thanks, Francis:

> If you're on iiNet and want to try out IPv6, You might be interested
> their IPv6 Trial (which has been ongoing for a few years now), with
> forums at http://ipv6trial.iinet.net.au/index.php - requires free
> registration to view, but then you get information about how to connect
> from there.

What I read without registering--was several years old!

>  Warning: the discussion boards are full of phantom spam.

That's not my favourite literature!

> Last information I had was that the freezone is not available over
> ipv6.

It's only commercial/proprietary?

> This isn't really relevant because all the interesting stuff -
> i.e. the Debian mirror on ftp.iinet.net.au - is only available over
> IPv4 anyway.

What info is restricted to IPv6, unavailable via IPv4?

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