[clug] KVM & Virt-Manager

George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Thu Apr 14 21:56:07 UTC 2016


Thanks for your reply, and yes, normally I used QLX and Spice. I have
tried each and every Display option that my system supports, and also
one that I read in an Internet article that I then found my system
does not support, hence the use of "# virsh edit DebianCinnamon".

For now VMware Workstation will supply my needs, though I intend to do
further testing. I like the idea of being able to test ESXi and
Hyper-V inside Workstation.  Just at the moment I think that is
important, but I may change my view in the future.

There are so many virtualisation technologies at the moment, it is
difficult to be up to date on all of them.



At Wednesday, 13-04-2016 on 21:49 Rodney Peters wrote:


On Wed Apr 13 10:29:45 UTC 2016, George at Clug wrote:

> snip


> You asked about how I change the emulated video card in KVM, well I

>usually use Virt-Manager, however at times I also directly edit the

>VMs configuration file using;

># virsh edit DebianCinnamon

>where DebianCinnamon is the name I gave to the virtual machine.


It was more a suggestion that you try a different emulation "QXL" in
lieu of Cirrus for the parameter Video and the related change of
parameter "Display" to "Spice", if these two are available in Debian,
with the objective of improved performance.


The change is available via Virt-Manager for me - YMMV with Debian.





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