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George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Tue Apr 12 12:25:54 UTC 2016

    When people post questions I often find when we answer their
question that we get caught up wondering why people want to do a
particular thing, and start offering alternative solutions instead of
addressing the posted issue, so to answer the questions that people
had around my use of Minecraft;

(Background) For testing purposes I want to be able to run various
operating systems with various GUI environments as guest virtual
machines (vms). And I want to be able to run operating systems and
GUIs that require 3D video graphics support, such as Cinnamon and

I have looked for a standard linux package that I can use to test if
3D graphics is working in a Guest VM. I found glxgears and thought
this would be a good test program but it also works in computers
(physical or virtual) which do not have 3D video graphics support.  

Since my children play Minecraft, I am familiar with running Minecraft
in linux.  And yes, because it is in linux, I run Minecraft.jar (a
Java program).

I also use Minecraft as it is what I would call "a real world
application" which also tests how effective the Guest VM is at
emulating a real world computer.  I am not running Minecraft to play
the game (Minecraft works quite will in native linux, so my Linux
Desktop can run it even without Wine), I am running Minecraft as a
test only.

Thanks to comments that I received, I have tested Minecraft in a KVM
Guest VM, and while Cinnamon reports it is having to use Software
Rendering, both glxgears and Minecraft do work, which indicates to me
I need to find a more accurate method for testing and benchmarking a
virtual machine's video graphics support.

If you know of a good, easy to install application for testing and
benchmarking video graphics support, please let me know.

glmark2 is one possibility, and
https://unigine.com/products/benchmarks/heaven is another ?

Regards, George.

At Monday, 11-04-2016 on 09:20 Andrew Janke wrote:

On 11 April 2016 at 08:37,   wrote:
> Rather than running minecraft in a windows vm, try running it in
> Install wine,  run winecfg,  navigate to your minecraft folder
and click on
> the .exe file.

I have no context on this but why the extra layer? It's a java thing,
our kids run it fine in Ubuntu?


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