[clug] Advice about buying a new laptop

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Tue Sep 22 12:10:29 UTC 2015

Thanks, Paul:

> Bryan, you might think you're being helpful there but you're coming across as critical.

We haven't read further from the original poster.

> I'm sure people would not expect that owning a laptop would improve writing.

The original poster was cost-conscious. But her proposed purchase might 
not help with her expected use!

> I'd generally say that if you're not actually contributing to the discussion of buying a laptop, then comments about studying and academic performance are
> tangential at best.

The want, though specified--was not explained.

> My experience of Charity Computers back when I donated some gear to it many years ago was that they had fairly basic computers.

Their price of $75 matches a requirement!

> When I asked why, they said that that would be what people could afford and would give them what they needed.

I have borrowed this relevant book from the ACT Library service.
Building a PC in easy steps / Stuart Yarnold. 

> Lenovo laptops have a good history of working well with Linux.

The original poster referred to a blog. Which stated her qualification 
in creative photography. And it showed her portfolio of fabric crafts. 
But computers might not be ordered by the metre! And our explanations 
may seem technical.

> You can also buy them second hand for reasonable amounts of money.

This was a point of my first reply.


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