[clug] linux.anu.edu.au

Kevin Murray kevin at kdmurray.id.au
Wed Oct 21 02:18:37 UTC 2015

Hi all,

(sorry if you get this twice, it seemed to bounce the first time)

I've just (re)discovered the linux.anu.edu.au mirror. From the contact page I
see that Mikal Still is the admin, but I though I'd email the list too in case
this is no longer the case. (yes, linux.anu.edu.au != clug, but I figure
there's some overlap :) )

I notice that the debian/ mirror is quite out of date. Is help required to keep
the mirror up to date? I was going to set up a mirror internal to the lab I'm
in (in Biology) but I'd rather invest that time into a mirror that is useful
outside our lab. If you'd like a hand, just let me know!

It would also be great to get https enabled, which I'm happy to do. I've dealt
with getting *.anu.edu.au domain certs before for lab resources.


Kevin Murray

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