[clug] back up strategies and file storage options? road warriors and similar

Steven Hanley sjh at svana.org
Fri Oct 16 04:12:25 UTC 2015


Just looking for good resources on this to make recommendations at work.

Especially for those not on site/campus/office attached to corporate file
servers (and yes alas in the non open source word not everyone simply uses
git and puts all their work into version control....)

Does anyone have links, resources, websites that have good over view a)
risks for general users to keep in mind for backup up of their data b) tools
that make it easy or automate it in some way to reduce risk. c)
tools/services that offier things (cloud storage, back up sync, one drive
style cloud folder synchronisation, etc)

I am thinking a series of links to both issues ot keep in mind, reasons to
regularly back up and some tools that make this easy/more likely to happen
for geeneral users.

Like if you have sports coaches travelling around the world for months at a
time with hard drives of video data and ways to minimise risk of loss in
case of hardware failure.  Fortunately internet connectivity has gotten
faster in much of the world which should allow for better risk minimisation.


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