[clug] October CLUG - Thursday Oct 22 - Lightning talks - short focused fun for all

David C cottrill.david at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 08:05:56 UTC 2015

Obd and obd 2 are largely equivalent in the broadest sense.
I've got an OBD2 plug that I can lend, there is a couple of python
libraries that should work.
Using the leading app (Torque), I was highly underwhelmed with the data
Mercedes and Subaru are willing to share circa 2007.

By fuzzing it you may have more luck, but I live too far out of town to
brick my car and deal with it.
On 9 Oct 2015 3:10 pm, "Bob Edwards" <bob at cs.anu.edu.au> wrote:

> On 08/10/15 12:33, Steven Hanley wrote:
>> All
>> So no one keen on this idea?
>> No proposals/talks reeceived so far.
>> Also I have just realised I will be in Adelaide that day so can not attend
>> the meeting.
>>         See You
>>             Steve
> Another idea for a topic to discuss on the 22nd: Engine Management
> Systems. Volkswagen are presently claiming that just a handful of
> software developers were responsible for the debacle VW are now in.
> How do you spell FOSS?
> How is it that this code has gone undetected for up to 8 years, even
> by our trusty government regulators? What other hidden secrets are
> there in our modern computerised devices (we already know a lot about
> the "extras" on our Apple and Google devices)? How do we get these
> "additional" functionalities detected and assessed? (How do we know
> that the PMs car isn't carrying a manufacturer-installed bugging device,
> for example?).
> Is FOSS the answer? Are we ready for some of these safety-critical
> systems to be tinkered with by hobbyists (aka hackers)? Is there a line
> that we can draw between what is safe to tinker with and what isn't?
> Is the first step to get better FOSS tools to allow us to monitor what
> our cars (and other "things") are doing, before we go for actually
> changing anything?
> I, for one, have been motivated to finally go and get that OBD-II
> interface, which works on one of my vehicles but not the other. I
> need to find out more about Ford's earlier "PWM" proprietry OBD
> protocol and how to interface to it.
> Surely lots of other folk are already discussing these issues in the
> light of Volkswagen's reluctant admissions, but I haven't stumbled
> across any of them yet.
> cheers,
> Bob Edwards.
> On Thu, Oct 01, 2015 at 05:29:18PM +1000, Steven Hanley wrote:
>>> All
>>> After BCG's excellent talk on linux audio software we are going to try
>>> something a bit different this month.
>>> So lightening talks have been presented at most linux.conf.au events in
>>> recent years, there is an example page describing them and the 2007 lca
>>> (Sydney) plan here
>>> https://www.linux.org.au/conf/2007/LightningTalks.html
>>> Format, we set up a timer visible to all at the front of the room
>>> counting
>>> down from 5 minutes to 0. You have that time in which to present
>>> something (hopefully) interesting to everyone at CLUG.
>>> It can be on any fun, hacking, linux, hardware, open source, geeky thing
>>> you
>>> want to talk about.
>>> I will line up with Bob to have a computer we can display slides (pdf, or
>>> open office presenter format) if you need them. (possibly the computer
>>> built
>>> into the lectern)
>>> Please email me (or the list) with a talk or multiple talks if you want
>>> to
>>> get involved, good practice to sharpen presentation skills and staying on
>>> topic in limited time.  Also useful to get the word out to convince
>>> people
>>> to get involved or hacking on something interesting if you think it is of
>>> interest to others.  Or to show of cool geeky ideas or talk about events
>>> or
>>> whatever people may want to get invovled in.
>>>         See You
>>>             Steve
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