[clug] Anyone using Seagate SMR dives [6GB & 8GB, 3.5" 'Archive']??

Bob Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Thu Nov 12 03:52:26 UTC 2015

Hi Steve,

On 12/11/15 14:22, steve jenkin wrote:
> MSY had Seagate 3.5” Archive drives listed when I looked at the Price List today [don’t often check].
> Anyone got any Real World experience of them, including “Didn’t buy because I read the reviews”?
> Can’t use in RAID arrays from the review I read.

I hadn't seen these before - they look attractive.

I am not sure the review says "Can’t use in RAID arrays". What it does
say is that the write performance is somewhat non-deterministic and so
in some RAID configurations (anything with a checksum disk), performance
will be bad, especially during re-build.

On the other hand, striped and linear RAID shouldn't be a problem. I'm
guessing that pure mirrored RAID shouldn't be too much of a problem.

RAID-5, -6 and -10 is likely to have poor performance, but it will
still work, from what I understand.


Bob Edwards.

> Product page
> <http://www.seagate.com/au/en/products/enterprise-servers-storage/nearline-storage/archive-hdd/>
> Random review
> <http://www.storagereview.com/seagate_archive_hdd_review_8tb>
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