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George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Wed Nov 11 00:10:57 UTC 2015

    Speaking of demos.

I wanted to thank Bryan for his demo of Puppy Linux. 

After Bryan's demo, I went home and installed Puppy Linux to a netbook
PC.   It worked amazing well, even burnt a DVD using it.

Applications that came with Puppy Linux ran very well.

What I did find was that modern web sites with all their java and
flash advertisements made web pages load very slowly, and run very
slowly (the Netbook is using an atom CPU).  It was amusing to watch
how one web page would then access so many other sites to load fonts,
formatting, various images, advertisements, etc, that had nothing to
do with the actual content that I was wanting to read. The netbook was
running so slowly that I could watch them in real time, slowing
accessing and loading.

A part solution to resource intensive web pages was to install the
Firefox add-on, "Just Disable Stuff", which allowed me to disable
Java. But this did not disable flash. Does anyone know of an Add-on
that allows for disabling/enabling Java/Flash/Images as and when the
user requires?

After testing Puppy Linux, I restored Debian Xfce to the netbook, and
was please to see that Xfce works just as efficiently as Puppy Linux.

Xfce is my usual GUI of choice.

At Wednesday, 11-11-2015 on 10:45 Chris Smart wrote:

On 11/11/15 10:16, Bob Edwards wrote:
> Woah - hang on... that mean I have a lot _less_ time to prepare a
> on IPv6... (like, 8 days!).

"IPv4 ought to be enough for anyone?" :-)

15 days? Fourth Thursday.. but point taken.

> On the other hand, if it helps you out, Chris, and no-one else is
> to be devastated at not getting a talk on HA* this month, then I
> I can go ahead with a talk on IPv6...

I have final exam this Sat so if you're keen then that helps me. Plus,
currently I expect my talk to be mostly about why and what I'm doing,
rather than lots of awesome fancy gadgets doing cool stuff.

Moving it to Jan when Uni is done will give me some time to try and
some fancy gadgets happening[1], and therefore make the talk more


[1] can't promise anything

^ ^

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