[clug] Volume control when X is screen-locked

Dodgy Dave spareparts at internode.on.net
Tue May 26 06:24:58 MDT 2015

Great - right on the money. Thanks.

The fix/update was requested in 2007, but only implemented in Feb15, 
which should roll into the next KDE release

I did have a google without discovering this - is that a "mis-google" :-)

BTW, am running Linux Mint 17 - KDE, which is KDE v4.13.2. - will need a 
later version to get this change.


On 26/05/15 12:11, Scott Ferguson wrote:> On 26/05/15 11:27, Dodgy Dave 
 >> I would like to be able to change and/or mute the audio volume on my KDE
 >> laptop via the media hotkeys (or any method) when the screen saver is
 >> active and screen locked, without having to unlock with my password.
 >> Volume change hotkeys work fine when unlocked, but not when locked.
 >> Any suggestions?
 >> DD
 > Distro?
 > Release?
 > KDE version?
 > https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=148228
 > Kind regards

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