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For those of you with time and codecs to listen to MP3’s, this is a very good 
Starts with Medical Journal of Australia giving them magazine to Elsevier, the sacking of Prof Leeder as Editor and mass resignations elsewhere.

Most cogent argument I’ve heard for disassembling the Academic Monopoly Publishing paywalls, especially in Medical Research.

"The Internet Changes Everything” - but only if people are motivated to stand up and act in their own interests.

High degree of cross-over in these arguments to Open Source and I.P. ‘protections’, especially Software.


Big Deals in the knowledge business: how scholarly publishing divides academia


Sunday 24 May 2015 12:05PM

Rear Vision explores why the world of scholarly communication has become so divided over the control , access and cost of knowledge. 

The outsourcing of the production of the Medical journal of Australia has divided medical researchers because of the sacking of the editor in chief , Professor Stephen Leeder. 

At the centre of the controversy is multinational Elsevier Publishing. Elsevier is one of the big four global publishers that dominate the STM industry- Science, Technology and Medical publishing.

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