[clug] [OT] Any LA or CLUG reaction to the new ALP Policy

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Mon May 18 16:47:20 MDT 2015

(Haven't read the articles yet)

The usually problem is that they want to point to something that appears 
concrete such as a language. Where they should really be teaching 
concepts as these are independent of the programming language and to a 
large extant the skill can be applied across fields too. On the other 
hand, it is necessary to use some language and environment to stop it 
becoming purely theoretical which would make it very unpopular with the 

Agreed on need for spending on education and R&D. No use saying we need 
to be a world leader in fields then taking away the tools which are 
needed. Political parties (across the board) seem to have a problem with 
the term mutually exclusive. They try to save money by spending, and 
create an educated high value add workforce by handing us shovels. 
Possibly should temper this by adding I wouldn't know how to balance the 
opposing forces of the electorate either.


On 18/05/2015 11:09 pm, George at Clug wrote:
> Any language taught will be redundant by the time students leave
> school.

> The article mentions "and account for around 5 per cent of all
> employment in 2025" - would it not be best to focus on the other 95%
> of employment opportunities?
> Personally I think this ALP policy is way off track.  I would like to
> see them restore CSIRO's staffing levels, or lower the cost tertiary
> education to Australians by supporting our Universities?  They did
> once.
> Helping any misguided students who want to enter a career path of long
> hours and basic remuneration could be fun, if it were not for the long
> hours which does not leave much time for such pursuits. We could guide
> the students to for Google if they did not want to work for Apple ?
>   http://www.folklore.org/StoryView.py?story=90_Hours_A_Week_And_Loving_It.txt

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