[clug] Fixed IP or dynamic

Luke Mewburn lukem-clug at mewburn.net
Mon May 4 19:36:17 MDT 2015

On Tue, May 05, 2015 at 09:16:40AM +1000, Paul Wilson wrote:
  | I've got a Linux Mythbox running on my home network and currently I'm
  | able to update my recordings from the MythWeb frontend because I have
  | a Fixed IP address and can route to my mythbox behind my firewall.
  | However I'm moving house and now have to make a decisions on to keep
  | my old provider or goto a slightly cheaper ($10/month)  ISP but loose
  | my Fixed IP address, and mail / hosting.
  | so is this a big deal what are people using to access there home
  | network who have a dynamic IP address?
  | Also domain/mail hosting recommendation, given that all I do now is
  | forward my mail to GMail as I like to access mail from Mobile and web
  | etc..
  | thoughts?
  | Paul

I run with a fixed (static) IP address.
I host my own mail / ssh (mosh) / ...

I use postfix for SMTP, dovecot for IMAPS, and amavisd-new for spam/AV.
Incoming SMTP gets routed through amavis for SpamAssassin & clamav
before being delivered to the internal postfix service.
Authenticated users submit mail via SMTP AUTH via the Submission port.
Dovecot provides IMAPS, for Unix (mutt), desktop, and mobile access.

I used to have a webmail interface, but now my (family) userbase
just uses phones/tablets via IMAPS, and desktop IMAPS mail clients.
I use mutt via IMAPS (or direct to the Maildir), and phone IMAPS.
No webmail means I don't have to run PHP any more (most open source
webmail solutions require that insecure product).

Another advantage I find of a fixed IP address is that my long-running
"mosh" sessions keep working even as my client moves location to
different IP addresses.

I suppose a disadvantage of fixed addresses may be guests misusing my
network and that being easily attributed back to me.
That said, dynamic IP addresses don't really "solve" that issue,
especially given the implied requirement of "stable" dynamic addresses
to allow connections back to home, and recent legislation changes.

(It amuses me to see various people on various .AU lists bang on about
privacy, and yet other discussions on those same lists suggesting
hosting email offshore ...)

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