[clug] Tablet / eReader

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Mon May 4 18:23:01 MDT 2015

Thanks. That's a good cross section from the very nice but scarily
priced Trimble to the unprice and priced android tables. I only got to
take a quick look at these before dinner last night. I intend to make a
more though reading later today. The kindle is the option if there's
nothing else as it has much better battery life, but you can't do much
else with it than read things (ebooks, web pages, etc) which admittedly
is 90% of my use case. It would still mean I'd have to carry a second
device in some case which I'd prefer to avoid. If I end up going this
route, Lana's suggestion of the eReaders from  Kobo might be better in
the interests of trying to support openness (Have to read up more before
really commenting).

Also, nice to rugged-ised tablet at a more normal price point.


On 4/05/2015 18:18, Scott Ferguson wrote:
> Pixel Qi seem to be the only manufacturer of a decent sunlight readable
> screen:-
> http://sdgsystems.com/products/trimble/yuma-2
> http://www.ruggedtabletpc.com/products/xtablet-t7200 (don't know about
> Linux)
> http://www.inhand.com/work-view/hydra-f6/
> http://www.solcomputer.com/sol-7-android-rugged.html
> I went for the cheap non-touch screen answer to your specifications:-
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amazon_Kindle#Kindle_DX_Graphite
> You 'might' find that later Kindles (or similar devices) are also
> rootable and have a built-in keyboard. I can't recommend the Kindle DX's
> keyboard, but the battery life is excellent, and, Amazon pays the
> internet costs.
> Kind regards

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