[clug] Ubuntu hardware help in Canberra or Goulburn

rhysh at webone.com.au rhysh at webone.com.au
Mon May 4 04:46:27 MDT 2015

	Thanks Ivan.

	The real problem is the desktop machine, which is an ordinary PC from

	But I do separately want a dual boot on the laptop I'm using right
now, which is an ASUS F551 or F551A-SX064.


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 On 4 May 2015 at 20:15,  wrote:
 > My desktop machine suddenly can't load /tmp, and there's a
 > of hard drive damage.
 > Who could help me in the next couple of days? Happy to pay
 > commercial rates.
 > Extra points if they can make this Windows 8 laptop a dual boot
 > Ubuntu; I can't figure out how to unlock it.

 Might help people if you tell them what model laptop it is.

 > Rhys
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