[clug] Tablet / eReader

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Sun May 3 22:52:03 MDT 2015

Curious to know if anyone has come across, ideally, a tablet that is,

* readable in a large range of lighting conditions (ie low light to sun
* rechargeable via USB (tired of everything having different charging
connectors, etc)
* reasonably open (at least as open as Android)
* screen size roughly in the 8" to 9" range. Anything smaller than this
and I might as well use my phone; Large and it get too big.
* weight is obviously a concern, but I don't have any numbers to hand.
* could have have a thin external keyboard attached for where there's
more typing than is comfortable with a virtual keyboard.

Not in the market today. Just trying to keep an eye on developments for


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