[clug] iView on a TV that doesn't support it

Ian Matters iristech at gmail.com
Sat May 2 00:13:31 MDT 2015

iView works for me with Ubuntu 14.04 provided I use the Chrome browser. No go with Firefox plus a-dopy flash though.

Cheers, Ian Matters

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> On 2 May 2015, at 3:47 pm, Hal Ashburner <hal at ashburner.info> wrote:
> No solution just a note that iview no longer works for me on either ubu
> 14.04 or ps3. Both stopped working about a month ago. SBS's upgraded thing
> is actually better than it was. Shame the ABC just didn't use that.
> On 02/05/2015 3:42 PM, "Chris Smart" <clug at christophersmart.com> wrote:
>> On 02/05/15 08:16, Mike Carden wrote:
>>> So I am wondering what alternatives anyone can suggest. Rpi Kodi doesn't
>>> have a web browser so I can't just do it that way. Have I perhaps missed
>> a
>>> much better iView plugin than the one in SuperRepo? Is there another
>>> 'turnkey' distro for the Pi I could use that might just run a web browser
>>> at boot and give away the idea of Kodi? Otherwise I quite like the
>> openelec
>>> / kodi combo for seamlessly booting as an appliance to the kodi home
>> screen
>>> and for its (mostly) snappy performance. And of course it can do a
>>> bajillion more things than just play iView.
>>> Ideas?
>> For what it's worth I use a RPi B and Kodi but with the "XBMC Catchup-TV
>> AU" addon repository. The iView addon itself is by Andy Botting
>> (v1.6.6). Works really well for me, only complaint is I can't "play from
>> here" to play a bunch of episodes back to back. Takes about 3 seconds to
>> load the addon, another 3 for loading a channel, another 3 to load a
>> show's episodes.
>> I just tried the Android iView App which now has Chromecast support. I
>> did what I usually do, played some Peppa Pig, and it seemed to work.
>> Crashed once, recovered, sometimes got some skipping.
>> If you use Chrome you could play from the iView website directly and if
>> you install the official Chromecast extension, can cast that full screen
>> tab directly to your TV. I just tested that and it seemed to work better
>> than the iView app, and as a bonus you can cast any website.
>> So given you have a Chromecast, maybe give those a shot and see if it
>> works well enough for your dad.
>> -c
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