[clug] iView on a TV that doesn't support it

Chris Smart clug at christophersmart.com
Fri May 1 23:42:20 MDT 2015

On 02/05/15 08:16, Mike Carden wrote:
> So I am wondering what alternatives anyone can suggest. Rpi Kodi doesn't
> have a web browser so I can't just do it that way. Have I perhaps missed a
> much better iView plugin than the one in SuperRepo? Is there another
> 'turnkey' distro for the Pi I could use that might just run a web browser
> at boot and give away the idea of Kodi? Otherwise I quite like the openelec
> / kodi combo for seamlessly booting as an appliance to the kodi home screen
> and for its (mostly) snappy performance. And of course it can do a
> bajillion more things than just play iView.
> Ideas?

For what it's worth I use a RPi B and Kodi but with the "XBMC Catchup-TV
AU" addon repository. The iView addon itself is by Andy Botting
(v1.6.6). Works really well for me, only complaint is I can't "play from
here" to play a bunch of episodes back to back. Takes about 3 seconds to
load the addon, another 3 for loading a channel, another 3 to load a
show's episodes.

I just tried the Android iView App which now has Chromecast support. I
did what I usually do, played some Peppa Pig, and it seemed to work.
Crashed once, recovered, sometimes got some skipping.

If you use Chrome you could play from the iView website directly and if
you install the official Chromecast extension, can cast that full screen
tab directly to your TV. I just tested that and it seemed to work better
than the iView app, and as a bonus you can cast any website.

So given you have a Chromecast, maybe give those a shot and see if it
works well enough for your dad.


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