[clug] Dual boot and shared home folder

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Tue Mar 24 04:25:43 MDT 2015

Never had any issues having my file repository on NTFS and accessing it from linux debian stable or ubuntu. As long as you know how to drive both OS's you should be OK.

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</div>Hi Guys,

I have unfortunately found the need to go back to a dual boot system for 
my PC.

The old PC is a bit too slow to run a Windows VM all that well, so I am 
left with little choice.

Was planning to chuck Windows on a separate hard disk, and use Grub to 
select drives.

I want to avoid doubling up on a "home" folder, and was hoping for some 
suggestions to what I could use. Should I use an NTFS partition (which 
isn't journalised and a pain the arse) or should I look at an EXT3 / 4 
driver for Windows 8?

Thanks in advance

Paul Rands
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