[clug] What Meta-Data?

Elena Williams ele.wil at gmail.com
Sun Mar 22 03:16:18 MDT 2015

>  If they're going to be punished for *not* collecting "chat"
>> information, they kind of need to know whether that new
>> Twitter clone which only allows emoticons counts.
> Under-funded enforcement becomes patchy.

Except under the unlikely (*cough* *likely* *cough*) circumstance it's not

And somebody please tell me this whole debacle isn't all just our gov't
paying $'00s millions because of MPAA (etc) lobbying/back-room-dealing so
that they're (finally) able to go aggressively legal about the way
Australians use P2P file sharing ...

I genuinely believe that there's at least one MPAA lawyer out there in
their 15th+ year of red-rage pain because of the way so much the bandwidth
over here is used.

Otherwise why not give all that funding directly to local law
enforcement/security, if that's what it's about?


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