[clug] What Meta-Data?

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Sat Mar 21 00:55:35 MDT 2015

A lot of that article is strange. It basically says the government is 
trying to say "Trust us were the government". Let us (govt) get the 
legislation through then we'll define what it means and allows us to do. 
Another bizarre section,

    When asked whether web browsing history is retained, Hartland said
    that it would require a warrant for ASIO to ask for web browsing
    history to be kept. She did, however, indicate that download volume
    may be retained as part of the metadata set.

I'm wondering (assuming Hartland isn't getting it wrong) what download 
volume would tell you that is of interest to law enforcement.


On 21/03/2015 5:25 pm, Bryan Kilgallin wrote:
> That's the whole idea. In government everything is kept vague and 
> wishy-washy. So no-one can be held responsible/to-account!
> {The security agencies that will most use stored telecommunications 
> data under new legislation before the Australian parliament will not 
> reveal exactly what data they want retained until negotiations with 
> telecommunications companies have finished.}
> http://www.zdnet.com/article/asio-afp-quiet-on-metadata-definition/
> On 21/03/15 15:23, jm wrote:
>> Can anyone point me to a concrete list of the government's definition 
>> of "meta-data" as this term seems to be very wishy-washy? I was 
>> talking to someone in the office about the discussion on the CLUG 
>> list and his impression was very different to mine of what was meant 
>> by meta-data. He thought it only pertained to who had what IP address 
>> at what time or who made what phone call to what number and when. I 
>> got the impression that it was at least a layer or two up in the 
>> network stack that was being talked about. I sort of tuned out of 
>> this debate for a while, so is there something beyond the speculation 
>> of the journos and public yet?
>> Jeff.

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