[clug] What Meta-Data?

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Fri Mar 20 22:23:46 MDT 2015

Can anyone point me to a concrete list of the government's definition of 
"meta-data" as this term seems to be very wishy-washy? I was talking to 
someone in the office about the discussion on the CLUG list and his 
impression was very different to mine of what was meant by meta-data. He 
thought it only pertained to who had what IP address at what time or who 
made what phone call to what number and when. I got the impression that 
it was at least a layer or two up in the network stack that was being 
talked about. I sort of tuned out of this debate for a while, so is 
there something beyond the speculation of the journos and public yet?


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