[clug] OT: Does Google give information to Facebook?

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Sat Mar 7 19:38:23 MST 2015

On 08/03/15 13:03, Brett Worth wrote:
> I have just seen something that indicates yes.
> Someone in my family send a letter with some photos (snail mail) to someone in Eurpoe.
> This was a First Contact (tm).  The sender included their gmail address in the letter.
> The receiver sent a single email back to the sender saying thanks.
> The following day the sender received an email from Facebook asking if the European was
> someone they might like to friend.
> Is this normal?  There was no other electronic connection except for the single email
> (gmail to gmail) in one direction.
> Brett


It would 'seem' unlikely. However they both track, and Ffffacebook have
a history of mining and posting what their tracker find.

More likely 'might' be that the recipient is using one of many ways to
combine Gmail and Ffffacebook. Consider that for the sender to receive
an email from Ffffacebook both parties had to have an account there -
and know what those account names were.

Of course the simplest explanation is that the recipient simply tried to
ffffriend the sender after receiving the letter. But that's not
superfluously ontological and I bet Bill from Ockham has no ffffriends ;p

But I'm guessing - and I'm *very* cynical when it comes to people who
use Ffffacebook and what they "say" they do and don't do (internet
pixies abound). If I had a dollar for every-time a US relative with the
same name got a Ffffriend request from someone who thought he is me -
and who later denied trying to do so... I'd have some free beer.

Kind regards

Kind regards

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