[clug] Dangerous Dave's talk

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Fri Mar 6 01:23:38 MST 2015


> I'd also note that some people might be shocked at how much personal data the banks have access to - and how widely it's distributed. e.g. Woolworth's data mining service station, credit card, and checkout data to determine an "untapped" market on Saturday mornings of fathers buying petrol, nappies and milk (actual case).

The end result is a public benefit, providing a combination of goods to 
satisfy wants.

> I do know of several people who were stung small amounts and decided not to pursue it. There was a scam a couple of years ago (one trick to quick weight loss - or similar) where people "thought" there was a one-time bill of a couple of dollars but the scammers billed every month - most people who fell for it failed to chase the banks; and like a number of similar scams the amount debited was too small for the police to become involved.

Stealing a million dollars from one entity gets newspaper headlines. Yet 
skimming one dollar each off a million people--is treated as no big deal!

An awful long time ago, I found that civil engineers calculated which 
type of traffic intersection to build, according to the relative rate of 
saving lives. And so they used an average value of human life, derived 
from court payouts.

Yet high-stakes fraudsters get punished with an emotional 
leniency--compared with murderers!


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