[clug] Dangerous Dave's talk

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Thu Mar 5 20:15:38 MST 2015


>  From a security engineering approach - minimise exposure, which has already been done if only using the "device" (be it VM/chroot/removable device) for banking, and, *change control* - don't do it if you can't make a compelling argument in favor of the change that has been thoroughly thought through (do you really need to do online banking?

I entirely concur with this.

When teaching information systems--I found that students assumed that 
these must be automated. Whereas I have since worked in massive 
warehouses of paper files!

The Somalis defeated the Yanks by relying on messengers' memories. 
Whereas the latter party--were searching the airwaves for electronic 
communications that didn't exist!


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