[clug] Dangerous Dave's talk

Owen Cook owen.cook at gmx.com
Sun Mar 1 00:01:46 MST 2015

Thanks for the talk. One point I picked up on was 'do your banking etc through a VM"

To date I have done my banking etc through a different user with minimum access. I use Firefox and check cookies.

So lets try a VM, in this case SUSE-13.2. I start up Firefox, go to my bank, and check the cookies.

The bank cookies are there, but so are those from Google and another from server.lon.liveperson.com. I delete those cookies, Google's reappears in a second or so, and the live person one comes back intermittently. There is also one there from doubleclick as well. None of these are in the non VM system.

So I have a mystery. why would Firefox in a SUSE-13.2 VM fetch more cookies than the Firefox as another user in Ubuntu.

Any suggestions welcome



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