[clug] OT Haskell -> Unicode

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Mon Jun 22 04:13:10 MDT 2015

Thanks, Ivan:

>>> I've used variable/function
>>> names in Haskell using letter-like symbols like 𝔹
>> It works! I named a function 'ĥ' (Esperanto small 'h' with circumflex). And I pasted that into a function definition. And again into the ghci window. What simpler method do you use for generating strange characters?
> At the time, I was doing M-x insert-char <type name of character> in Emacs.

In Ubuntu Help, I found the following. It was listed as "Enter Special 

    {Code points

You can enter any Unicode character using only your keyboard with the 
numeric code point of the character. Every character is identified by a 
four-character code point. To find the code point for a character, find 
the character in the character map application and look in the status 
bar or theCharacter Detailstab. The code point is the four characters 

To enter a character by its code point, hold downCtrlandShift, 
typeufollowed by the four-character code point, then 
releaseCtrlandShift. If you often use characters that you can't easily 
access with other methods, you might find it useful to memorize the code 
point for those characters so you can enter them quickly.}

So I have entered U+0125 in a Text Editor document. This gave the 
Esperanto small 'h' with circumflex, as above.


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