[clug] OT Haskell

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Sun Jun 21 08:27:20 MDT 2015

Hi Ivan:

> Anyone who is doing multilingual work?

I have played with extended character sets offered by LCDs. For example, 
the character pattern chart in the following manual.

> I've used variable/function
> names in Haskell using letter-like symbols like 𝔹

It works! I named a function 'ĥ' (Esperanto small 'h' with circumflex). 
And I pasted that into a function definition. And again into the ghci 
window. What simpler method do you use for generating strange characters?

> I have seen code written using other languages (for variable names as well as comments).

In Saudi Arabia, I observed a computer set-up in Arabic.


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