[clug] Small Linux tablet machine for kitchen?

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Fri Jun 5 18:37:19 MDT 2015

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Hi all,

What I want is a small "tablet" machine - a touch screen computer that can
either have an on-screen keyboard or a remote bluetooth keyboard and mouse -
for the kitchen.  Aims are:

* Play music (into external powered speakers) from network
* Display pictures from network (e.g. Samba share or DAPD or whatever)
* Browse the web.

Requirements are:

* Runs Linux, not a proprietary operating system.
* Integrated, single unit.
* Low power.

I'd consider having a separate machine and display, because I can tuck the
machine under the counter and just run leads up to the display.  But the
whole thing has to be compact and require few peripherals to operate.

I've looked at Android tablets, but they suffer from not understanding the
home network.  I've yet to find any app in the Android store that acts as a
"picture frame" (i.e. picking random images from a directory) where the
storage is on the local network.  As far as I can see, the last update to
any of the Linux DAAP daemons was about four years ago, and the most
maintained one I can find has bugs that prevent about a third of the songs
from playing correctly (AFAICS it's a 32-bit integer representation issue)
and it randomly locks up.  The standard Android music player recognises my
Logitech SqueezeBox share but crashes when trying to load the full
directory.  Etc. etc. etc.

Anyone already doing this?  Anyone else looking at it?  Ideas?

Thanks in advance,


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