[clug] KVM and PCI pass-through

Chris Smart clug at christophersmart.com
Wed Jun 3 04:22:05 MDT 2015

On 03/06/15 09:35, Bob Edwards wrote:
> Anyone on list had any experience with PCI pass-through in KVM?
> We have had some partial success in getting an old PCI DAQ card
> "passed-through" to an ancient copy of Windows 2000 running as a
> KVM guest on a Debian Jessie host. There were issues with shared
> interrupts causing some problems which we were able to resolve,
> but we still have some issues with reading some memory areas from
> the DAQ card.
> Have also tried it with VirtualBox with less success.
> Next step is to try it with a Linux guest and write some code on
> the guest side to see what we can see.
> Any other tips or warnings?

This might be helpful, if you haven't already seen it:

Apart from CPU and mainboard support, you need some kernel options and
to unbind the device from the host.


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