[clug] Memory issues

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Tue Jun 2 05:27:14 MDT 2015


Thanks for the reply Scott. Sorry for the delay. I work shift work
these days and end up doing a few odd hours, and not always able to keep
up with the email lately. 

On 29-05-2015 16:45, Scott Ferguson wrote:

Which version of Google Chrome please?

Version 43.0.2357.81

System diagnostic data from Chrome settings -> Advanced??

was easier to print to a PDF than try and do a copy and paste job, so
here's the link to the PDF

you tried isolating the problem by seeing if you can recreate the
without GIMP running? Try loading a few tabs with javascript and
in them (note the tabs and reuse for other tests).

I have and it seems
to occur with or without GIMP running. Even if just GIMP sits by itself
overnight, or after I suspend the computer, it eventually gets more
resource hungry.

Can you dump the output of top with Chrome running
when the problem is
not occurring, while a minimal number of other
programs are running.
Repeat the process when your system locks (you may
need to ssh in from
another box).

Here's the Top command


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