[clug] Man pages.

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Tue Jul 28 10:46:53 UTC 2015


> Cut my nails and started wearing a beanie
> Bought "Implementing Software Defined Radio"
> Began banging my head on the keyboard
> Read more online explanations
> Ordered introductory books to antenna designs, radio principles, The ABCs of SDR, and Digital Receiver Handbook - the Basics of Software Radio.
> Just good clean fun! But no longer the project for a few weekends.
> I'm now a great deal more ignorant on the subject that I thought I was when starting out. I also feel a bit silly wearing a crash helmet indoors.

I know an epileptic computer-gamer. Who indeed had a motorcycle helmet. 
To keep him safe indoors on his marathon playing sessions.


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