[clug] Zodiac FX OpenFlow switch on Kickstarter

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at anu.edu.au
Tue Jul 28 00:20:26 UTC 2015

At the BeerSIG last Thursday (prior to CLUG), the Zodiac FX low-cost
OpenFlow SDN switch Kickstarter project was discussed and several
of us signed up for one. They are coming from a Melbourne-based
outfit called Northbound Networks.


$79 incl. postage for a 4-port (3 + 1) 10/100Mbps OpenFlow switch.

Anyway, their Kickstarter project has 4 days to go and still needs
another $12k or so.

Disclosure: I have a vested interest in seeing the project funded,
so this is not an un-biased post.

The project is all open-source, based on FreeRTOS (sorry, not Linux..)
but does requires the non-FOSS Atmel Software Framework to build (ASF
apparently does build fine on a Linux host with gcc etc., although
Atmel Studio, the Atmel IDE, isn't supported on Linux).

So, if you want to play with SDN and OpenFlow and want to support a
local Aussie outfit, get onto Kickstarter in the next few days.


Bob Edwards.

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