[clug] Firefox Pocket and alternatives - Wallabag, and, others(?)

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Sat Jul 4 02:27:23 MDT 2015

Anybody used any of these?
Criticisms and suggestions?

I frequently save interesting and informative web pages to a private
server in loosely described directories beneath "References".
References is smb shared to any boxes connected to the home/office
network, indexed by Recoll on the same private server (which I can
access remotely when required).
Before I save the webpages I often remove ads and unwanted js with
Firebug then convert them to pdf (text and images, not a single image).
The process is time consuming and Pocket seems like it 'might' be an
improvement but... I prefer to host my own data with a proviso that the
code be Open Source (likewise with Mozilla Sync).
The reason I convert to pdf is because I don't want to rely on an
internet connection to view the data - and that way Recoll only indexes
the information instead of the code.

I did very little searching for alternatives to Pocket and was only able
to find Wallabag, which seems to have similar features with the
advantage of claiming to convert saved pages to .epub format.

I've found nothing about the security of Wallabag - which is a little
worrying. Nor have I actually used it yet.

Installation seems simple, and requirements are few that my servers
don't already provide - the code is Open Source.

My Googlefu is weak in this instance as I can't think of useful search
terms that provide less than 3 digit results.

Suggestions for other alternatives to Pocket/Wallabag, user experiences
and, especially, suggestions on more efficient ways to archive and index
interesting and useful internet information gratefully received.

Kind regards

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