[clug] OpenMoko network connection

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Sat Jan 31 11:21:49 MST 2015

Thanks, Hal:

> You can mount the phone's storage over ssh with sshfs and then
> literally use any program on you computer to access as everything is
> presented as local files (despite really involving ssh over network
> behind the scenes).
> nautilus "connect to server" and select the ssh options is probably
> the easiest way to do this.

Yes, I had a Nautilus Connection-to-Server registered for my OpenMoko 
phone's root account.

Tonight I used Ubuntu's Network-Connections to add a wired connection to 
the phone. Setting the Device MAC address to "7E:ED:A3:7A:1C:30 (usb0)". 
Though I couldn't get "802.1X security" to work with the phone's null 
password! So I left "Use 802.1X security for this connection" unchecked.
I manually set IPv4 Settings:
     * Address "";
     * Netmask "".
And Gateway was automatically filled as ""

I used Nautilus' bookmark "sftp://root@192.168.202/home/root". Which 
showed me the phone's root user's directories/folders.

Then I opened another Nautilus window, showing my PC user's home 
directory folders. In Nautilus' View menu, I checked "Show Hidden 
Files". Then I opened the ".gvfs" folder. Wherein appeared a new folder 
titled "SFTP for root on". Which appeared to contain a 
copy representing the contents of the phone.

The only presenting current problem was when I was using GVim on the PC. 
I created a new text document. Then under the File menu, I chose "Save 
As...". Under "Places", I selected "Recently Used". And in the Save As 
window list, I clicked "Documents", and entered a file name in the Name 
field. Underneath that, "Save in folder:" said "/ on" 
"home" "root" "Documents". But then I got a warning: "! Please select a 
folder below". Double-clicking the Documents folder as above--gave the 
following error: "The folder contents could not be displayed: Cannot 
change to folder because it is not local".


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