[clug] Comments requested: "Why Windows Users Can't Switch To Linux"

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Sat Jan 31 02:16:02 MST 2015

On 31/01/15 19:46, Bryan Kilgallin wrote:
> I first noticed contradictory statements:
>     * "Comments requested";
>     * "Can anyone fault it?";
>     * "No snide remarks";
>     * "Take issues up with the video’s creator.".
> Taken together, I think those mean "Agree with me." or "Tell me how
> right I am.". Unfortunately, I scored low on the personality trait of
> agreeableness! So I am sensing a psychological game called "Ain't it
> awful".
> I recently read in a science magazine, an article summary saying that
> non-scientists had different views about scientific issues, than did
> scientists. Yes, that's unsurprising; that was market research! And
> similarly non-Linux-using Windows users have different views about the
> usability of Linux, than do Linux gurus. I have a Windows-using friend
> who considers Linux to be an insanity-provoking monstrosity 

> that dumps
> you into an insoluble command-line problem at the slightest quirk!

How odd.
My command-line dissolves all to easily. Has your friend tried hot water?


There is no (singular) Windows product, yet when "people" debate "Linux
vs. Windows" - there is. I have a suspicion there is no "singular"
"Linux" product either, but it doesn't seem to stop arm-chair generals
offering their opinions on how to "win the desktop war".
I also have a suspicion that should "Linux" win the desktop war - the
result of providing a homogenized, closed source targeting, built for
the lowest common denominator, "Desktop" OS Linux, will be a bitter
victory won at the cost of everything current and older Linux users enjoy.
And no - I haven't watched the youtube video, just in case I can't get
that 5 minutes of my life back (just joking of course).

Kind regards

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