[clug] Diagnosing display freeezes

Brett Worth brett.worth at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 16:49:42 MST 2015

On 29/01/15 10:03, Hal Ashburner wrote:
> Any pointers better than "buy a new
> card and see what happens"?

The symptoms you describe remind me of a problem I used to see ages ago on an OpenSUSE
system.  From memory the problem turned out to be the size of the Xorg.0.log file in /var/log.

For some unknown reason the Xorg server was doing a full read of that log file from time
to time and you'd see a long pause during that read.

The work around was to make sure this file was zero'd at boot.  It's not a fix but if you
can keep the size of that file down then the read doesn't result in a pause.  It was fixed
with some xorg update.  All this was happening probably 4 years ago.

Of course you problem may be totally unrelated to that.

My current laptop uses the Optimus hybrid graphics so the Nvidia chipset rarely gets used.


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