[clug] Openmoko Networking Setup

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Mon Jan 26 06:11:05 MST 2015

I have successfully followed the procedure outlined in the wiki for this 
mobile phone.

But I do not have a solid grasp of the recommended code.

The text mentions that "" means the phone, while 
"" is the PC. Though why those particular numbers, I cannot 

The first code line below seems to be setting up the PC end. Though I 
don't know what "/24" is for.
The second code line seems to be linking this. Though I don't know what 
"up" is for.
The next code line seems to specify that the host computer to be 
logged-into is the phone.
And the final code line I get as logging in to the phone. Which I gather 
has to be by secure means (SSH).

Please would someone here either:
     * explain in plain English what is going on/required below; or
     * point me to an on-line beginner's/graphical introduction to this 

I feel shaky/ignorant about the commands and their arguments in the 
following code lines.
I presume that all this could be automated. Though I'm not confident to try.


With the device connected configure usb0 interface (as root or via sudo 
like in this example):

sudo ip address add dev usb0
sudo ip link set dev usb0 up


If your eth0 interface is also in the same 'range' (e.g. 
then you can do the following:

sudo route add -host dev usb0

      The login

Log in to the Neo (you do not need to be a root on the desktop host just 
to log in).

$ ssh root at



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