[clug] Full Circle

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Sat Jan 24 02:34:57 MST 2015

I read Issue #12 of this Ubuntu magazine.
It was also published in other languages.

This issue had an annual theme. And the editorial was nostalgic. I liked 
the editor's long illustrated article about the history of developing 
this magazine. The article ended with graphics on downloading and 
popularity by country. A review article was on improvements to the 
various Ubuntu distributions. Finally, each of the preceding twelve 
issues was summarised.

It starts an article series on GIMP.

News was of version releases, and Linux miscellany.

A how-to article explained making .deb packages. Some requirements had 
to be complied with exactly! Making control and desktop files was explained.

An article showed how to make a virtual private network, using 
Point-to-Point tunnelling protocol.

Another article was about assessing disk usage, using GUI and 
command-line tools.

An article showed the GIMP raster graphics editor.

A long article showed saving partitions to an image file.

Another article was about a Wiki web application.

The Wine compatibility application was described.

A Linux package developer was interviewed. The woman's article advised 
on work organisation. And the youth page was on the Linux/Windows divide.

One of the varied letters showed a Belgian granny who liked playing 
computer games.

The question-and-answer page gave helpful tips.

Pretty desktops were shown off.

Disk analysers were compared.

And contribution requests were next to the credits.


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