[clug] X-Forwarding between two boxes via a third using reverse ssh problem

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Sun Jan 18 19:12:16 MST 2015

I need to support some GUI apps on a remote laptop connected to the
internet using a USB connection to an Android phone, and/or public wifi
hotspots (so port-forwarding on an ADSL modem is not a solution).
Connections are routinely very slow as the user is usually in remote

GUI tasks:-
;Install an Australian dictionary and configure spell check for
LibreOffice Writer
;Install and configure an unknown multi-function printer/fax/scanner
;Create a GPG key pair and configure encryption support for Icedove
;Configure and test WinFF presets
;Configure some sort of remote desktop sharing ability

The remote user is IT illiterate (illiterate in fact) and due to a
recent stroke has trouble even following pictorial guides on where to
click. So anything required of them has to be scripted. (and yes, it is
worth the hassle)

Normally I maintain the remote laptop using a reverse ssh (encrypted)
tunnel from the remote laptop (autossh) to a public webserver, and a
connection from my local computer to the public webserver. This works
fine for CLI.

The public webserver is headless (no X).

The remote laptop has X Forwarding enabled, X2Go server and desktop
sharing installed (also KDE desktop sharing).

I have full access to the remove laptop and the publicly accessible
webserver. Locally I sit behind a mobile wireless internet connection
which also, often, has a very slow connection speed.

More information available on request.

Solutions and alternative approaches to solving the problem welcomed.

Kind regards

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