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Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Sun Jan 18 16:49:00 MST 2015

On 18/01/15 13:18, Kevin Murray wrote:
> On 09:01 17/01, spinifex at iprimus.com.au wrote:
>>      I seek a wireless usb stick to work with Linux - specifically Kubuntu
>> 12.04.  The Charnwood computer shop have recommended the Huawei E3276 but
>> when I check that on the 'net it brings no mention of Linux - would anyone
>> in CLUG know whether it is Linux compatible, please?  And/or recommend an
>> alternative?
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>> Keith Sayers               keith at keithsayers.id.au
>> 6 Clambe Place
>> Australia             http://www.keithsayers.id.au
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> Hi Keith,
> This page has a pretty good list of wifi USB sticks that work with GNU/Linux
> (specifically debian, aimed at at Raspberry Pi).

Hi Kevin,
         Keith has made a common mistake - the Huawei E3276 is a
wireless *UMTS* *modem* (2G/3G) USB device - commonly referred to as
*wireless*, or less incorrectly, "wireless internet" - not a "wifi" USB

In this case a "HiLink"(?) device - which means it uses cdc_ether to
provide a modem over a /dev/eth* device (no creation of /dev/modem).
They don't require a driver as cdc_ether is supported at a kernel level
- plug them in and they "just work(C)". Fast, simple, no third party
code installation required (driver is in kernel, control interface is on
the USB device webserver, DHCP server is also on the USB device).

Standard modem:-
DHCP external address via PPP from ISP for modem -> /dev/modem on box
with LAN address

HiLink modem:-
DHCP external address via PPP for modem, DHCP server on modem at -> DHCP served address ( /dev/eth1 on box

Erratum - I previously wrote that the DHCP server on the device provides
and address of to eth0...
It doesn't. It provides that address to eth1.

Kind regards

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