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Kevin Murray kevin at kdmurray.id.au
Sat Jan 17 19:18:04 MST 2015

On 09:01 17/01, spinifex at iprimus.com.au wrote:
>      I seek a wireless usb stick to work with Linux - specifically Kubuntu
> 12.04.  The Charnwood computer shop have recommended the Huawei E3276 but
> when I check that on the 'net it brings no mention of Linux - would anyone
> in CLUG know whether it is Linux compatible, please?  And/or recommend an
> alternative?
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Hi Keith,

This page has a pretty good list of wifi USB sticks that work with GNU/Linux
(specifically debian, aimed at at Raspberry Pi).


My general experience: go for something by atheros, or ralink if you
must. I've had no end of trouble with realtek chips. Of couse, your (and
others') milage will almost certainly vary.


P.S., a good place to get one could be here, though quite pricey:

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