[clug] Full Circle

Tony Lewis tony at lewistribe.com
Wed Jan 14 03:40:04 MST 2015

On 14/01/15 18:26, Paul wrote:
> another vote for Keepass, there are versions for Android and Windows 
> too, I used FTP sync my DB but you can host your DB in the cloud eg 
> Drive or dropbox etc..

+1.  I do this using Dropbox, and as an added bonus if the versions are 
out of sync (you save on one device, which gets replicated, and then 
later you add a different password on another device and then go to 
save), it alerts you and offers to synchronise, which has worked fine 
for me.

One downside to keepass is the ugly searching.  I can't search and then 
get it to take me to the folder ("group") that it found the search 
result in.  I find I want to do this quite a bit.

Another downside is running Keepass 2.x under Mono on Linux is not quite 
as smooth as I'd like.  Sometimes double clicking to get it to copy the 
password fails.

But still, it's a great solution.


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