[clug] Full Circle

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Fri Jan 2 23:10:57 MST 2015

I read Issue #9 of this Ubuntu magazine.

KDE and Gnome users reviewed a new KDE version.

The how-to section was about servers.

There was news about an Ubuntu course, a driver-less car running Ubuntu, 
and a maze game. Acer was selling laptops with Ubuntu pre-loaded. Linus 
likened development to a social network. And an Ubuntu release was 

A distribution combined the Gnome desktop environment with the 
Enlightenment window manager. Installation was explained. The installer 
asked for language, keyboard layout, username and password. This 
distribution looked pretty!

A new KDE version was available.

There was an article on building a directory server, using OpenLDAP. The 
explanation was technical!

The next article was about installing Ubuntu on an Apple laptop. The 
writer advised caution. He recommended listing the partition tables. 
There were instructions on editing a boot loader's configuration file. 
And enabling file sharing.

There was an article on installing a transport game. After command-line 
coding, game strategy was described.

The next article described installing an Ubuntu server. Completing forms 
was illustrated.

A KDE upgrade was reviewed by users of KDE and Gnome. The KDE user liked 
the experience. His review was illustrated with screen-grabs. Whereas 
the Gnome user mentioned widgets. The KDE user loved the upgrade--but 
the Gnome user thought that it wasn't user-ready!

The next review was of an operating system combining Gnome with 

A writer discussed eye-candy features.

A woman advocated training frustration-tolerance.

Next, a youth recommended replacing an MP3 player's firmware with Rockbox.

The podcast article complained about VoIP sound quality!

The letter of the month showed an apartment block calendar made with 
Scribus. I found interesting a letter on software for sports wristwatches.

The question-and-answer page was about GIMP, KDE and Usplash.

The desktop section showed compositing window managers.

Download managers were reviewed. These were based on: Gnome; Python; 
KDE; X; and Firefox.

The magazine ended with a request for articles.


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